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    Midnight Pomegranate by Bath and Body Works

    The opening notes are wonderful, it's a shame the basenotes ruin it. Imagine dark fruit (not real pomegranate, but something better). Smells "purple" to me. It's really shameful that so many wonderful fragrances are ruined by basenotes of musk and vanilla (and tobacco in this one!). Drydown smells like a very cheap ladies perfume. But the first few minutes are unique.

    The above review is from years ago, I now wear this fragrance regularly. Yes, the first few minutes are amazing, but the drydown isn't as bad as I originally thought. This unisex fragrance is definitely something every other guy out there isn't wearing. And often I smell quite a bit of cinnamon in it. In fact, if it weren't for the tobacco leaf (not tobacco) and patchouli (and anise is listed), it would be too feminine to wear, in my opinion.

    15th January, 2008 (Last Edited: 10th September, 2012)

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