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    Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

    In many ways, Monsieur Balmain may be the answer to your quest for a great lemon scent that's affordable, pleasant and long lasting. I get a little bit of Pledge for the first couple of minutes, but it settles down nicely into a smooth, creamy and classy fragrance that can stick around for most of the day. It's sillage won't clear a room, but it radiates outward in assertive force field close to the skin, so only the people in your orbit will get a whiff. This is a great antidote to an oppressively hot day, but frankly, it's got enough body to be a great pick-me-up on a cold winter day too.

    Searching for the perfect lemon fragrance can be can an exhausting and elusive proposition. Lemon scents are often ephemeral for reasons I'll leave to chemists to explain. And then, of course, each fragrance has its own take on the genre, and you can wind up with a lemon that smells medicinal (I'm looking at you, Art of Shaving), too much like rotting vegetation (yes, Eau de Sauvage - that you would be you), and so forth. Acqua di Parma has a stable of lemon scents -- Colonia, Assoluta or Intensa -- that are quite good, but are really pricey or fleeting. (Personally, I think Assoluta is the best of the bunch). Chanel Allure Edition Blanche Pour Homme is ok too, but the lemon gives way quickly to cedarwood. But for value, it's hard to beat Monsieur Balmain as a pure lemon fragrance.

    10th September, 2012

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