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    l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

    If fragrances could be film characters, this fragrance would be Hannibal Lechter. It is by far, the most soul-less, hollow and lonely perfume I have ever tested or worn. The Miller et Bertaud fragrances all seem to have a detached chemical aspect to them, but this fragrance is a bone dry (coffin)wood note with a deft use of smoke (cade) that is difficult to titrate artfully. While some have labeled this as a contemplative incense fragrance, I don't get a spiritual or calming vibe from it...I get a depressing emptiness and barren charred landscape. Maybe a scent to be worn if you're going to jump from a building or burn your house down.

    I liked Alfarom's review very much...he has dissected this fragrance well.

    I am giving this fragrance a "neutral" rating instead of "thumbs down" only because for a detached Goth, this fragrance could be nirvana. Just not for me.

    11th September, 2012

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