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    Le Feu D'Issey by Issey Miyake

    Now here is a fascinating scent. Woody, milky, sweet and sour, this is amazingly sexy on a woman. There is a sensual, womanly smell that is very intimate and presages the "secretions magnifiques" that have come later without the unpleasant notes of that perfume. The milky note is of milk that is just going off--but not quite! Breast milk instead of cow's milk, by the way. The rose in this seems almost human and the coriander gives it a slightly sweaty/post coital note. I love it. My wife has both the EdT and the parfum (in a wonderful latex container that echos the amazing orb-like bottle of the EdT. She rarely wears it as she feels that is has a menstrual note to it (she is right!). I am sorry to see such an interesting and innovative scent discontinued, but can see why this had such a limited market as it is vastly different from the safer earlier Issey Miyake scents which are more Japanese in their approach.

    13th September, 2012

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