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    Curve Crush for Men by Liz Claiborne

    I'm not sure if anyone who ever did their homework bought this thinking that they had to have it. There is nothing wrong with this fragrance - good smell, sillage, longevity, and composition. The only thing barring me from giving this a "thumbs up" is that there is no real reason to own it. The top-mid notes do seem transplanted from Echo, but the base is a little more grounded with musky moss whereas Echo has a more metallic-transparent quality. That's about it, folks. Putting its ozonic qualities head-to-head against Echo, I would choose the latter every time, and if you prefer the mossy dry-down, you'll find it done better in the original Curve. Not a bad choice for teenagers or someone looking for something safe to buy someone for a gift, but better is out there. I've seen it packaged for a good price with its accessories from time to time, so if you feel the need to purchase this, I'd search out one of the gift sets rather than paying regular retail.

    05th March, 2006

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