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    Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

    Forget Luca Turin's 5-Star review of Beyond Paradise and you may actually come to enjoy this fragrance for what it's worth.

    This is a fresh, fruity cologne for men that eventually settles into a pleasant, woody base. The opening is watery and gives off something of a fruit-juice vibe, and it's accented by some light floral notes. These accords in turn create a transparent, somewhat carefree nature that lends itself appropriately to the summer.

    As it settles in, the fruity, floral top blends well with what is listed as "plum wood," which is a nice, light woods. Though it's hard to describe on paper, it has a kind of unique smell which I haven't noticed in other woody fragrances, and it meshes well with the floral and fruit notes. The woods dominate just a little at this point, and it is a drier, welcome transition after an hour or two of the juicy top.

    Beyond Paradise has become a summer staple for me. And while many chalk it up as just another generic "aquatic," I think the interesting blend of florals and fruit combined with the plum wood distinguish it from the pack and in the end, create a fragrance that simply smells good.

    Projection is moderate (not powerful, but not a skin-scent), and longevity is around 5 hours. This is a casual scent with a light-hearted appeal.

    Definitely worth trying if you're not opposed to the fruitier, aquatic side of things.

    16th September, 2012

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