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    Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

    First off, let me say, I am far from being 90 years old. I am 35. And I LOVE Youth Dew, it is my signature scent, along with Azuree. For years, I spent a fortune on different perfumes. Most of them are not even around anymore and have been discontinued. So YD interested me. After all, it's been around nearly 60 years and still even has gift sets at the holidays. So something has to be working in it's favor and I refuse to believe it is the 80+ granny market spending their retirement savings.

    If you smell YD right from the bottle, yes, you will recoil in horror. Too may folks associate this with old lady scent, I think in part becuase so many older folks drench themselves in it. Please, only two sprays is enough and will last you all day and into the next.

    I bought YD (and it is still just $34) and tried it on. After 15 minutes, I was in love with it's powdery amber and spicyness. I went to bed and by the next morning, I was still smelling it. Strangely, it DOES have a cola smell to it, it reminds me of the cola flavored Bottlecaps candy. But it also has an ambery, cinnamony spice.

    This scent is perfect for cooler months, like fall and winter. And surprisingly, I get more compliments on this perfume than I have ever gotten from wearing the 100 plus scents I tried in the past. I find that younger men in their 20s and 30s ask me most often. My male coworker says he loves to stand next to me just to get a whiff.

    I really wish women would try this. Unfortunately, all folks want is instant gratification. They want fruity and flowery top notes and want to be instantly sold. I have had many perfumes that let me down once I got them, simply because the top notes that roped me in were lost after an hour and left me with a drydown of nothing. Not so from YD! It is the drydown that keeps me hooked.

    Funny story......when I first met my now husband......we had no phone numbers for eachother, he simply knew where I worked and would come in for lunch everyday. He kept asking me out. After about a month or so, I stopped by the bar he said he went to after work but he was not there. I stayed for a bit, talking to hs friends. I left and later the next day, he stopped in to say he knew instantly that I had gone looking for him. He knew, because he had missed me by five minutes, yet when he entered the bar, he immediately smelled the trail of my perfume. It was YD! We have been married ever since.

    I find YD hold up to storage well, too. Seems my hubby gives me this any chance he can get. I always say thank you. He doesn't seem to realize I have about ten bottles now. I recently opened a new one, from five years ago. It still smells exactly as it should. My Christmas wish list? Nothing but YD bath oil.

    18th September, 2012

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