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    Aventus by Creed

    This is the first of the later Creeds that I have really liked since Tabarome Millesime, which isn't particularly new any more. This got lots of hype so I was cautious about trying it, but when I recently went in for some more Baie de Genievre, the SA insisted that I try this in the store and sent me home with a sample. It is very interesting--to me it smells like someone didn't want the piece of pineapple floating in their Pina Colada so they dumped it in the full ashtray on the table in the cocktail bar. Here's the weird thing--that should smell disgusting, but it actually smells really good. The fruit topnote is dominated by the pineapple, which doesn't last long. I don't get the florals in the heart notes. From there it goes straight to the woods/leather/tobacco ash note of the base which is enlivened by the house's signature ambergris, giving it a slightly salty note. Cannot detect vanilla at all. Very masculine in the drydown, more feminine in the topnotes. Not much lasting power for a Creed, which I find generally last a long time. Is this a great scent? I don't think so. Is it memorable in the way that Green Irish Tweed and Bois du Portugal are? No it is not. That said, this is a surprisingly pleasurable, wearable offering from Creed--while it lasts.

    18th September, 2012

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