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    Grev by Slumberhouse

    Now this is interesting. I'm quite acutely aware of cloves. In tiny doses they add a good barbershop note -- but I agree that they can be powerful and dominate a scent.
    That being said, "cloves" never entered my mind when I tried this scent. I agree that ultimately it gets too powerful and tiresome to suit me, but the reason for me (based on its reaction on my skin) has to do with the orris root rather than the spice.
    The scent starts with a great deal of promise. It is an aromatic green, and initially not as powerful nor dark as others in this house. It starts very herbal, with a strong note of mint and rosemary and also conifer. It develops a dusky and somewhat sweet note. This develops further into a very buttery, fairly sweet note, with leather, rooty, toasty, nutty, violet and floral notes -- in other words, the powdered orris root. This is a note I've never relished. The note gets sweeter and more powerful, dominating and ultimately squandering the herbal goodwill I've had up to this point. It does not wear well, it gets tiresome and irritating, and ultimately I wash it off.
    Promise in the short term, failure in the long term. :/

    21st September, 2012

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