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    Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone

    I recognize that Jo Malone is a sorta layered fragrance thingy. But I think that it we cannot judge the scent on its own merits as a stand-alone then that is unsatisfactory.
    Blackberry and bay is an example of this problem. The elements individually here are good, and the combo is rather nice. But the scent is so weak and attenuated that it barely registers. It doesn't make a convincing impression.
    It has a crisp pink grapefruit opening which is accurate, very good, and arguably the strongest moment of the scent. In style it is crisp, refreshing, juicy and appealing.
    The other potentially interesting notes -- bay leaf, vetiver, cedar -- are SOOOOO weak that one has to douse liberally and even then the scent really barely registers. Believe me, I don't like powerhouse scents but c'mon... I like to have the scent register on radar.
    Very sheer, light, inoffensive.
    The scent has a pleasant, close-to-the-skin drydown of considerable longevity.
    There is nothing to offend here. Perhaps as a starter scent for the young set this would work. Like, under 12 years old. A cheery, innocent, wee little scent.

    25th September, 2012

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