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    Gold Woman by Amouage

    this is the most demanding female parfume i have smelled. it is like a cloud of 100 layers that constanly chnage their order, like some whirpool, this smell is really 3 dimensional, what gives it this depth is i would say animalic civet note, nothing you usually smell in rose parfumes, this makes it hard to digest to many people
    to me it gives problem after3-4 hours, when the drydown kicks in and its really not suited for the office on warm days :) everyone will start opening windows :),
    still it is beautiful , RICH decadent parfume , i am lucky that i own pre 2011 version, and it smells luxuryous, strong and classic....
    i own it becasue i admire its dinamic nature and luxury that no other female parfume holds, only the drydown has more pronounced animalic note that can be suffocating to some people. so this really is only night parfume! and worked best for me in winter time

    23rd February, 2012 (Last Edited: 26th September, 2012)

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