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    Vento Canale by Gianni Campagna

    Vento Canale is named for a wind that blows through the Strait of Messina. Well, quite frankly, the meaningless naming of the perfumes in this line after Signore Campagna's alleged memory sites is totally misleading and doesn't do the fragrances justice at all. Since he's a men's tailor, why did they not associate them with situations, places or other aspects of a well-groomed gentlemenan's life, since that is what they seem to embody. Vento Canale, for one, should be called "The Drawing Room" or "The Library." Pure and simply it is a sweet boozy pipe tobacco and automatically conjures up images of English club chairs, leatherbound volumes and the whole Georgian mansion bit. Needless to say it shares qualities with Caron's Aimez-Moi, which is a tad sweeter in a feminine way (its "cookiedough in the kitchen" is absent here). It also reminds me of Bogart pour homme, on the spot I would say that this is a more refined version, Bogart having been quite a sledgehammer (also, it features cherry, as I recall). I'm wearing this with green cordury trousers, a Harris tweed jacket and a green striped raw silk shirt and I feel like a country squire in a leisurely mood, with pipe and hand. Perfect for non-smokers who would like to project that image. Very good at what it does.

    02nd October, 2012

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