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    Bel Ami by Herms

    One of my friends used to wear this back in the 80's and i remembered clearly that it was to my taste very offensive and revolting especially the top notes right after application. The way the leather is served here is wrong to my taste. Looking more closely, it's the overall concept of leather + lemon that is a no-no to me. The overall feeling about this fragrance gets a bit better as it developes to heart notes, but then it's at it's best just bearable. On the contrary, Antaeus is a good example of the leather scent i DO like.

    Recently i wanted to give this another chance because wanted to see if time has changed my taste especially as i've seen this fragrance having so many friends in Basenotes. I had to disappoint: it still disgust me. I'm glad i only bought a 7 ml small mini bottle of this (it was vintage one)

    I'm still curious to test Equipage, which haven't smelled yet. Could well be that i'll find my "Bel Ami" of Equipage though the real Bel Ami just was not my cop of coffee.

    02nd October, 2012

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