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    Cool Water by Davidoff

    Let me start by saying that I love Cool Water. I grew up around it. Everyone in my neighborhood wore it but that didn't phase me. It still smelled great but I never bought a bottle of my own because I didn't have to; I'd catch a whiff almost everyday. It smells crisp, clean and fresh. Finally, I bought a bottle of my own last year and sold it off today. I tried wearing it casually but it wasn't casual enough. I tried it wearing it on a couple of nights but fell short. I tried and tried but then I realized that Cool Water wasn't for me and it broke my heart because I love it so much. Either I don't have the personality for it or I outgrew it. In any case, it's pointless to have it in my collection as I kept forcing myself to reach for it.

    By the way, Green Irish Tweed doesn't smell like Cool Water to my nose. They're both wonderful fragrances that rightly deserve their adulation.

    Heres to another chance encounter, Cool Water.

    06th October, 2012

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