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    Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

    I didn't want to like this one. I was looking for a spicy bold fragrance, not an aquatic. Lo and behold, I found a spicy aquatic in Bulgari Aqua. WHO KNEW!?
    Although, in typical aquatic fashion, it's a bit lighter than the type of fragrances I enjoy, I still find it curiously pleasant. Growing up close to the ocean I can comfortably say that this fragrance is NOT an oceanic scent; but, I'm ok with that.
    This might not be a favorite at the first sniff. Most of the compliments I've received with this fragrance were mixed at first sniff. "What's that?? Wait..." *sniffs a second time* "...that's nice..."
    Not an Earth-shattering announcement of arrival, especially with it's weaker projection; nevertheless, it's one of my go-to's for occasions where I want to feel and smell fresh and intriguing.
    Don't say "no" too quickly, give it a solid chance, you may be surprised!

    06th October, 2012

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