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    Arso by Profumum

    Arso by Profumum - Upon application, one is treated to a rush of balsam fir, with its faintly fruity and terpenic woodiness. This Christmas tree aroma is, at once, sappy and resinous, with a somewhat bracing and clean quality. Waves of birch tar infuse its burnt-forest and campfire smokiness, as well as hints of bald leather, while a clove bud presents its charred-wood character. An entrancing and lively, colophony incense wafts about. And, an undercurrent of thuja, from cedar leaf, can be sensed with its woody, camphor scent, akin to menthol-like notes. A buttery, cedar chest aura from Virginia cedar couples with an anisaldehyde with its soft and sweet, licorice aroma, akin to Shoelace Sweets, and vies with the singed-conifer/leather/incense cocktail. A Peru balsam presents with its sweetly vanillic woodiness, with a urine phantom, while fir moss supplies its earthy and mouldy character, reminiscent of bark, needles and decaying wood on the forest floor. An intriguing drydown ensues. This manly and somewhat exotically unique fragrance has very good projection and longevity, 10 hours or more.

    06th October, 2012

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