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    Mayotte / Mahora by Guerlain

    Mahora is the perfume that helped me to appreciate tuberose. I decided that in order fully understand scent in general, I had to be open to trying ALL of the scent categories, florals included, even though I'm not a big fan of them. One of the floral notes that I'd dismissed early on was tuberose. Having first experienced the note in vintage White Shoulders and then in Michael Kors (both are screechy), I came to dislike it tremendously, especially after the legendary Fracas was such a disappointment for me (in all fairness, I've never smelled a vintage formulation). Then came Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower, which I found to be hearty and "interesting", but too abstract in the beginning and hardly any sillage once it dried down. My 1 ml sample made me, at least, re-open the investigation of the note of tuberose. That investigation eventually lead me to Guerlain's Mahora. Now, after all of that, I'm still not a huge fan of tuberose, but I am a huge fan of Mahora. This is tuberose done just right. In comparison, Fracas seems candy-like and thin. Dior's Poison, while more substantial, is honeyed and even sweeter, which leaves it a little too cloying for me. Mahora, which falls into the "tropical" floral category, is just right. To my nose, this dries down to warm and mellow, tuberose, soft woods and vanilla and its beautiful, and hauntingly seductive sillage, is amazing on a hot humid day...if it's dabbed lightly. Some say it was the name that prevented Mahora from catching on, which lead to its eventual discontinuation and if that was the case, it's unfortunate, because in my opinion, Mahora is the best tuberose perfume out there. Highly underrated and easily found on ebay for very reasonable prices. Mahora was reincarnated into Guerlain's very expensive, Mayotte, which I experienced at Saks Fifth Avenue recently. It was nice, but I suggest you save your money and purchase Mahora instead as the "adjustments" were minor.

    07th October, 2012

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