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    Forest Rain by Kiehl's

    For some reason, I was convinced that this would be a much bluer or greener scent, but I'm finding it much redder than I expected, leaning toward magenta. The opening is brilliant: a lush, semi-tropical unisex fruit basket, with the type of florals you'd find in a Gendarme (or Richard James, or At The Beach 1966). I almost am at the point of being able to pick out individual fruits, and maybe that's why I like it; I don't like most fruit fragrances but I also can usually never pick out their notes because all the ones I've tried are frankly synthetic, metallic garbage. What troubles me is that the fruit starts to shift more toward resembling cherry, a note that I truly despise. At first, the scent passes through a phase where it reminds me of cherry popsicles, which doesn't bother me. It gets a little worse, but isn't too bad and only leaves me mildly annoyed because it's not as candy-like as a lot of other brands become by this stage. It's actually a lot closer to Richard James than I remembered from my first few trials, and this earns it a lot of my respect, but it's still not quite what I hoped for, nor is it an amazing and serendipitous find. Just a unisex floral cherry fragrance.

    07th October, 2012

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