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    Trouble by Boucheron

    Zaftig! Very Cavallier; a near-herbal perversion of sweetness, deceptively comforting but with a subtle contrast that seduces. Cold lemon meringue served in a honeymoon suite at the California-kitsch Madonna Inn, incense ablaze to drown out the tendrils of spliff smoke wafting under the door from the mini-Turkish bath. Amber will be out when she's good and ready: perfect lipstick, lounge lingerie, "let's watch Barbara Stanwyck movies and mouth all the words!"

    When not up for anything too demanding but not quite down for easy, Trouble is just right. A frequent default-to fragrance. Warm, sleepy, and though I'm normally a hater of citrus, this one is more tart than zingy. An ambered granddaughter of Shalimar in minimalist, stylized retro attire and cheaper (but more comfortable) shoes; that is to say, a minor inheritor of Emeraude.

    08th October, 2012

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