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    Ambra di Luna by Ramon Monegal

    Ambra de Luna;

    Amber, Labdanum, Jasmine, Castoruem, Sandalwood.

    In my view this is one of those of those fragrances that is more than the sum of it's parts. It is beautifully composed, beautifully balanced, beautifully cohesive. It doesn't lend itself to being picked apart.

    I absolutely concur with Alfarom that the overall impression is of a slightly boozy, (but only very slighty), amber with castoreum right there from the outset. Castoreum is my favourite animalic material. It is warm and soft and reassuring, like resting your head on a warm animals belly, or maybe your lover's. It is the perfect partner for Amber.

    Ambra de Luna is the scent of contentment.

    Imagine maybe a little cabin somewhere, a glow from the fire, a glass of sweet wine or sherry, and someone that you love. Time is slow, you are comfortable and reassured. To me, that is Ambra de Luna.

    It is a beautiful balance of quiet, calm and refined but yet it has a very individual confidence. Ambra de Luna is suitable for both women and men.

    08th October, 2012

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