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    Jovan Musk by Jovan

    What the HECK is going on with all these Jovan fragrances that have been discontinued?!?! I've never seen a company create and destroy so many different and fabulous fragrances! They seem to keep only the mediocre fragrances and instead discontinue all the original and exquisite signature fragrances such as Andron, Gambler, SportScent, Monsieur Jovan, Ginseng (in black bottle), etc. ALL of these were true signature fragrances. Now, all they're left with are generic musks and florals. Whatever happened to the creativity and daring of Jovan/Quintessence?! It seems they would like to play it safe and appeal to everyone instead of having a nice variety of fragrances from which we can pick and choose. In my opinion Jovan=Generic, old Jovan=Creative/Individuality. In this instance, old wins over new. Just like the original Clairol Herbal "Essence" shampoo (the BEST) was replaced by Clairol Herbal "Essences" shampoos (all of which, in my opinion, are NOT HERBAL AT ALL, but more sickeningly sweet florals). I avoid companies like these who can't seem to satisfy their long-term customers who use their products religiously, only to be disappointed when they decided to discontinue items that people have used for years. Anyway, my "favorite" current Jovan product is the White Musk for Men, which, I suppose, will be discontinued very shortly if they follow the same course as in the past. What a world!

    16th November, 2009

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