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    Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

    You have seen that one man who does what he wants and could care less about what you think, while he gets all the money and the pretty girls? Yes? Well, he is the type that wears this fragrance. It is abnormal and retro. A sign that 80s era powerhouse fragrances will return, I hope? It is a sweet, milky elixir supported by a stubborn medicinal base of dirty, earthy vetiver: it is sinister and an elitist. It does not conform. But, it intrigues you. Its predecessor was a stately aristocrat. In contrast, Eau Sauvage Parfum is Shakespeare's Iago. And it lasts hours. Thank you, Dior, for this offering. I am attracted to your new fragrance while slightly repelled by it. Bizarre. Hence, my attraction for this odd, yet enticing creation. And for the uninitiated, or the simply dull, do not fear. For, there is always Aqua Di Gio for you. Run along now.

    09th October, 2012

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