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    Tawaf by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    "Tawaf" is the latest and last perfume in the "Arabian Series". This perfume only consists of two accords, an oppoponax-accord (together with other resins) and a jasmine-accord (together with rose and narcissus). It may sound simple and it is, but as it's often the case with 100% natural perfumes, it smells very interesting and quite complex because of the high quality ingredients and the nice interplay between the notes. I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of jasmine - or better said I wasn't. "Tawaf" kind of converted me and has really grown on me!

    After applying the first thing that I smell is jasmine, jasmine and jasmine! Top quality and full of life! After a while the rose appears and plays hide and seek with the jasmine. This interplay is what makes "Tawaf" really enchanting, I really love that! I considered myself always as a "resin-guy", I would have never thought that I will rave so much about two flowers. The narcissus supports this interplay but stays in the background. The oppoponax-accord is a very shy one, it lets the jasmine get all the attention and provides a soft and quiet base. It surprised me that the oppoponax-accord disappears almost completely after a while, I always thought resins have better staying power. When the perfume dries down it leaves a very nice subdued scent on the skin that reminds me of chocolate mixed together with something animalic. I like this part a lot and I think it is the jasmine that transformed herself from a screaming rockstar that she is in the beginning to a cultivated and sensual lady at the end, but she is still a diva because she has to have the last word after the oppoponax-accord is already a long time speechless! Longetivity is quite good for a natural perfume, on my skin it lasts in "full bloom" for about two or three hours, after that it leaves this nice subdued smell that I mentioned for hours. Longetivity on fabric is much better than on my skin. All in all I must say that this is a very safe perfume. It's far away from being so "avantgarde" like "Gringo" or "Hindu Kush", but "Tawaf" is still a very nice perfume that did the wonder to turn me into a "floral-guy"! I would classify the perfume as unisex, but if there are some guys who think this could be too much jasmine for them, has another fantastic product in his portfolio, the "Tawaf Custom Blending Kit". This kit contains besides a small bottle (15,5 ml) of the "Tawaf"-perfume itself, the two accords ("Jasmine" and "Oppoponax") separated in two 6 ml dropper bottles, a small funnel and vials, all packed in a nice little wooden box. With this kit you can customise the perfume according to your taste. If you want it more resinous, simply add some "Oppoponax". If you want total "jasmine-overload", add some more of the jasmine-accord. The different blendind-techniques are explained on the website The blending kit is really great, you can play with it for hours! This is also a very nice and fun entry in the world of perfume-making. You can't really mess it up because the scent will always smell acceptable, no matter in which ratio you blend the accords. It also gives you the rewarding feeling that you created something on your own and didn't just consume a premade product!

    28th September, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th October, 2012)

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