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    Leather Oud by Christian Dior

    Another challenging aoudh fragrance for us. An incredibly sombre, complex and animalic aoud/leather/patchouli with a sort of comforting velvety agreable background (kind of plummy/gassy in the effect because of the interaction between amber, spices and may be some secret fruity note) and some resinous/aromatic traits. I agree with Alfarom, nothing than a medicinal/sulphureous or bitter/sweet brown sugar effect is exuded out by the oudwood in here, which is rather intensely leathery (a velvety/smoky leather), refined, clean, smooth and woody with aromatic traits and with a final soothing bed of animalic and waxy notes, not without a touch of amber and honey. The darkness is extreme till the end (kaleidoscopic but never lamellar) on the side of the seasoned/smoky leather effect while the woodiness fades with the time and an ambery/honeyed cloud provides encompassing you with its supreme roundedness. The interaction of aoud, leather, honey, labdanum and beeswax produces a sort of cushiony and polite vibe which also exudes a certain dose of masculine resinous woodsy (birch/labdanum) background and an inviting waxy/ honeyed dissonance in the aftertaste. Powerful and charismatic with a woodsy/animalic virile (vetiver) spark in the depth.

    12th October, 2012

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