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    Oud Cuir D'Arabie by Montale

    I've been wearing this stuff for about a year now. It's a huge, raunchy, unique fragrance. It lasts for many, many hours.

    The opening of d'Arabie is confronting - in fact, my partner described the top-notes, straight out of the bottle, as "disgusting". The notes of feces and wet animal last for about 15 minutes, before the sweetness of the oud and the dark leather become much more evident. To my nose, the fragrance stays fairly linear for the rest of the journey, apart from about 2 hours in when a quiet, very good quality rose note appears, and persists deep into the dry-down.

    Right at the bottom, after about 8 hours, the fragrance is reminiscent of old, old leather furniture.

    This is a fantastic fragrance. Difficult to wear, for sure, but easy to love. I wear it frequently, in all sorts of settings, and it has often proven to be controversial. Nonetheless, if you are the type, like me, who believes "spray and be damned!", then you'll love it.

    24th September, 2011 (Last Edited: 13th October, 2012)

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