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    Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

    I will admit that the first sniff of Noir caused me to recoil in disgust. My reaction made the counter lady at Neiman Marcus very upset. It could have been her fault for telling me about how Tom Ford had outdone himself, and it should have been part of the exclusive Private Blend line...

    Sales 101 - Know your product and it's intended target and MANAGE EXPECTATIONS.

    After a business lunch (during which I sniffed my hand 100 times and garnered more strange looks) I walked back over to the counter and spritzed some more onto my hand. As much as I disliked the first go-round, something in it appealed to me. It stunk, but in a way that I actually enjoyed.

    I got home 2 hours later, and the stink had evolved into a vanilla and vetiver combo that I thought was delicious - but there was still that lingering tidbit I was uncertain of that made me want to wash it off. That little tidbit happens to be civet.

    I am not sure I own anything with civet in it - and to be perfectly honest, it still has not grown on me. Nevertheless, I went back to Neiman and bought a big old bottle of the stuff. As much as I did not like the musky civet note...part of me ONLY wanted to smell the civet note. It's an odd little stink, but so is gasoline and I dont dislike that one either.

    I have been wearing it occasionally and it's hit and miss with the compliments. I can tell when it's not liked by seeing the same recoil that I showed that counter lady. I can see myself wearing this to a formal event. That's about it. So for the price, it is not the greatest value - but it is well made...just a bit difficult to understand.

    08th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 17th October, 2012)

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