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    Greenergy by Givenchy

    It's okay. I wouldn't do somersaults over it like I did for the original Insense (love it!!!). To me, it reminded me of Monsieur 2 Givenchy, or Monsieur de Givenchy II. I think Givenchy just rebottled the MDG2 and gave it a new name--Greenergy! I would swear it smell identical. Those crafty foxes at Givenchy. To think they'd try to pull the wool over the consumer's eyes. I mean, we, the public, are so easily fooled aren't we? Apparently they assume everyone is so stupid they won't notice what they did. Well, I did, and I tell you, Greenergy is MSG2 rebottled. Anyway, as stated before, it's okay. I don't smell the tarragon in it though, just some lemon-lime, and maybe a little pear and fig. I could swear I smell Dune down in the basenotes. Bye!

    11th October, 2005

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