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    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    While I haven't tested out all of Bond's more masculine fragrances yet, New Haarlem has definitely been one of the stand-outs thus far. It's rich, layered and as most people who have worn Bond already know, projects and lasts extremely well. It leaves little doubt that it's of high quality. This one moves into the mid notes almost immediately for me, with a strong blast of coffee, and then lingers there for many hours. The syrupy, coffee mix really never completely wears off on my skin until I shower and scrub it off.

    While there is a degree of bitterness in the coffee note to my nose, the wood, amber and vanilla do seem to balance it out fairly effectively for the most part. I have to admit, even though I've never been that heavily into gourmands, and am NOT a big coffee fragrance fan, I did genuinely appreciate catching whiffs of this one projecting around me when I wore it. I found it classy and pleasant, and could easily see myself wearing this (albeit in small doses) during a nice, cold-weather night out. Unfortunately, my wife said NH gave me an "old man" smell that she didn't appreciate nearly as much, so it doesn't look like a future purchase on my end. Looks like I'll be staying with the lighter/softer, older brother "Rochas Man" for me.

    Edit: I've had to change my rating from neutral to positive. Even though it may not be one of my wife's favorites on me, I found this to really bloom even more once I was finally able to wear it in cooler weather. It's just so well done and sticks in my head, drawing me back to wear it more and more frequently. Truly one of Bonds best and a top notch gourmand IMO. It's turned me from someone who never really gave gourmands much attention, to quite preferring them in the cooler weather now.

    18th August, 2012 (Last Edited: 19th October, 2012)

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