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    Tabu by Dana

    Powerful stuff! Generally, I enjoy potent seduction scents if I'm in the right mood. I decided to test my memory of Tabu today, as I haven't sniffed it for about 40 years. Back then it made me a bit queasy (more estrogen than now). I was almost knocked down by the sillage from one spray on the wrist. The top notes are quite a clarion call and I worried that passers-by might think I was off to my day-shift at the local massage parlour. I can detect no animal notes in this scent - it's raucously floral and sententiously spicy, and I suspect she who wears it shouldn't wash for a few days before wearing it to get the sultry best from Tabu. I arrived home one hour after application and washed the wrist with liquid soap and warm water, thoroughly. What's left is about the right amount, and still potent. There's an overwhelmingly-sweet quality to the accord which doesn't appeal to me too much. I'd like some leather notes and a little more woody dryness to temper it. But hey, for the price... who's complaining! Not too bad really - far, far superior to the ghastly Stitch series and their ilk. To be worn with motley furs, red heels, tousled hair and lots of black eyeliner.

    20th April, 2009 (Last Edited: 20th October, 2012)

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