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    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    I thought I was ready to experience this classic. Gourmand orientals are probably my favorite genre and I'm really into fragrances with character and depth. That said, this is the first fragrance I've tried that made me want to scrub it off my wrist immediately. I fought the impulse and tried to give it some time but I couldn't go longer than 20 minutes.

    My first impression was vile. Angel is so sweet it smells dirty. It made me feel sticky and in need of a shower. It smelled like I had my face against a dirty wooden floor after a 4 year old birthday party, in which the raspberry popsicles and vanilla ice cream were a hit, got out of hand and ended in a mess of sticky-faced, noise-picking, obnoxious children. Also brought this imagery of a landfill for popsicle sticks.

    It shrieks. I tried to ignore it while browsing the rest of the store, hoping that it would simmer down and reward my patience with something pleasant smelling. But I felt like I was being followed by a banshee.

    I do have to give Angel credit for being so salient and uncanny. It evokes memories of my past nightmares. The scent is permanently branded into my memory as a synesthetic image. The main notes I could detect were raspberry, an overdose of patchouli, and a smidge of vanilla. All scents that should be agreeable, but somehow the combination is raunchy and undeniably unforgettable.

    21st October, 2012

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