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    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    It opens up really nice.If you spray it on your skin and smell it,a cool aroma hits your nose.The eucalyptus has that cooling effect with the incense.The incense is not the heavy incense but a very pleasing incense maybe diluted by the overpowering eucalyptus.After about an hour we can smell the woods but the cooling eucalyptus never goes away.It never ceases to die.Basically its eucalyptus,woods and benzoin(dunno wat benzoin smells like but it resembles woody vanilla).Yes,vanilla like smell is there but its way better than Le Male type of Vanilla.
    I have to say I was blown away the time I first sprayed it on my skin.It was not a blind buy but bought it after a lot of testing in the mall.
    The scent is linear.There is not much difference between the opening and the base.Its just that benzoin becomes the dominant smell in the base.Longevity is really nice.8+ hours easily.Sillage is also top notch.People will notice the smell after 7-8 hrs even if the person wearing it may not smell it.
    It is not the most versatile scent.It is really nice for going out at night or for a blind date.Cool weather scent definitely for casual evenings.Ladies definitely like it.

    Bottom Line-I am really happy with the scent.It is not Gourmand at all.People say that it smells like sweet candy but I don't get it.Its eucalyptus,Woods & Benzoin.Best Annick Menardo creation.

    22nd October, 2012

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