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    Blue Jeans by Versace

    I bought a bottle of Baby Blue Jeans. Then I bought a second bottle. I love it. It's certainly one of a few good, affordable casual scents for the summer in the designer realm... so I had to try out the other Versace Jeans scents... went right for the Blue Jeans. Right off the bat I had to get one thing straight: this is NOT Baby Blue Jeans. This is an odd one for me. I see there is a lavender accord in there somewhere. I can't detect it. I instantly get clean... not a bit of citrus in there through my nose... then it turns into woods. Big, pronounced woods with sweet musk. This smells like something I have smelled many times before. Maybe it's dragging me back in time to high school and alternative rock vibes, but not quite. I can't see wearing this in ANY situation that requires me to be around many people. I can easily foresee a comment of: "Who's wearing something?!" ...

    The dry down is all woody and still sweet... I'm really trying to like it. I think it has something in there I do like, but it only comes out in small whiffs. Recommend this? Not really. Would I wear it if I had more than a sizable sample? No. I'm not a fan at all. But to be fair, in all of that mash-mash of notes, I can find something I kind of like. Otherwise... meh.. I'll stick to my Versus Baby Blue Jeans... and, if I can find it, Black Jeans.

    23rd October, 2012

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