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    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    Disclaimer: reformulated version

    Amazing fragrance! Yeah its got iris, yeah it tethers with the feminine side (esp first 1-2 hours) but to hell with that!

    This is a masterpiece in my eyes, notes are so well balanced, vanilla, amber and the cocoa...oh the cocoa... such a beautifully well crafted scent.
    I'd stay away from wearing it in warm weather as it def can get cloying, especially in humid areas.

    Versatility-wise I can see this being worn in both casual/formal, it can work really well in a club too, maybe even work if you cut back on #sprays . Overall it def feels like a night time use fragrance though.

    Projection is moderate to high you get pretty good sillage and longevity is amazing 10+ hours almost every time.

    As far as age I'd say 20+ provided that you have the personality and confidence to rock this. It takes some ballz to wear this as it def got that "statement maker" quality to it, similar to a*men or NH but it isnt as loud as those.

    This is a bottle that I will forever have in my collection.

    24th October, 2012

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