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    A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

    I think the overall sense of peoples' negative reaction to this fragrance is because they had high expectations and compared it to the other Pure flankers. Once you separate this fragrance from the rest of the Mugler line and look at it from an independent point of view, I think people would realize it's average/okay.

    Is it a disappointment compared to other flankers? Yes. This one sticks out like a sore thumb. Unlike the other flankers, it's not gourmand/boozy at all. It's a typical run of the mill sport fragrance.

    Is it over priced? Absolutely. Definitely not worth the $85 asking price. IMO, it's actually laughable that they would price it that high. The most I'd pay for it is $45. I'm actually surprised it hasn't made its way to Fragrancenet yet.

    But putting all that aside and examining the fragrance for what it is, I would say it's just "okay". I think it's a good fragrance to wear in the Spring & Summer. I would consider this a "safe" fragrance, and not off-putting.

    Word to the wise, NEVER blind buy. This fragrance is a prime example of that. I'm glad I sampled this, saved me a lot of money.

    24th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 25th October, 2012)

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