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    Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

    Unless you read the reviews for Ulysse, you probably would walk right past it. This fragrance gets a lot of praise from the people who have tried it, or own it. Unfortunatley for my self, it's just so & so. If you follow my reviews, you should know, it's no secret that I'm not a fan of musky fragrances. Ulysse is very heavy on the musk.

    Ulysse opens up with sort of a melon/honeysuckle top (possibly even carnation flower?), with a heavy dose of lavender and musk underneath it. Within 5 minutes or so, the melon top fades, and you're left with nothing but lavender and musk. Projection is fair, longevity is decent -- at about 4-5 hours. This fragrance is very similar to PS Casual, but with a more interesting top note(s)/ The dry down rids itself of the other notes, and leaves you with a powdery musk. From beginning to end though; you can expect powder, florals, and musk.

    I would actually have preferred this scent more if the musk was toned down, as both this and Casual have a nice blend of floral and powdery notes, but with too much musk for my liking. Regardless, Ulysse is a casual scent you can wear to the office every day, if these notes float your boat.

    25th October, 2012

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