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    Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

    But in art it is like that, some things are made just to admire from the distance, this is like some Picasso paintings to me :) i cant understand it, i honestly dont find it beautiful but i see how it could be beautiful if only i can accept the mess in it :)!
    Thumbs up for the scent, its really masterfully done, my body just cant stand that metalic note, so i cant judge it!

    the opening is surprisingly pleasant, but after few minutes this metalic note comes out and spoils everything, that note is painful! my reaction to it is the same as when i put fork into mouth that was rubbed over aluminium, or when someone goes with nails over the blackboard, or at the dentist, i get that instant horrific reaction.

    The airy , transparent and saline feel to it may be associated with some secretions, but maybe closer to a see cucumber secretion :)

    but so far never did any parfume give me other painful reaction then vomiting! so hands down! this one makes me crumb my teeth from horror

    so secretions horrifiques for me :)

    26th October, 2012

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