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    Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

    I've thought that Egoiste took a traditional rose/sandalwood/patchouli attar and twisted it into something French. In turn, Feminite Du Bois draped Egoiste in burgandy velvet and drenched it in wine and butter and berries until it was THE ultimate dense gothic perfume. Then, Dolce Vita came along and stripped away all the gothic finery and Arabian luxury, leaving bare the bone structure. That's not to say that Dolce Vita feels minimal, it just has a lot less happening than its older siblings.

    It starts with an explosion of ionones, that hyper-bright violet over vague suede. This is supported by an unusual sandalwood that almost smells like buttered sawdust. There's a little bit of a red wine smell, as well as some fruits and a slight aldehydic brightness, but the star of the show is that buttery suede/lumber smell.

    It's funny to read the reviews here. Some people like it because of the name. Some people like it because it's Dior. And a bunch of people think it's boring. I don't think it's boring, but I do think it's a calculated attempt to make a Feminite Du Bois with broader appeal and less dark weirdness, so there is a carefully planned dullness in Dolce Vita. But it's not boring...

    30th October, 2012

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