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    Vetiver by Guerlain

    Guerlain Vetiver is like that movie you loved as a kid. You have fond memories and can wax poetic about it; when you try it again after all those years, you realize it isn't up to par i today's world. At least that is my explanation for why so many BNers have rated this positively. I did NOT experience this frag in the sixties, and so do not have any biased nostalgia to it.
    I bought this as a blind buy due to so many rave reviews, and because I like vetiver (or thought I did.)
    Guerlain Vetiver is meant for someone who was thirty in 1961. Yes, that would mean it is outdated for anybody under 81! It screams "old man" to me, and I generally like "mature" fragrances. My wife cannot stand this on me, and I don't think it is great on me. I have tried and tried to like this. At first I thought a cool day playing sports outside would make this shine, but there are too many other frags that pull it off better.
    This Vetiver is trying to be fresh with both citrus AND powdery notes, and it just comes off synthetic and stuffy.
    My final test before writing this review was to do a wrist-to-wrist with Vetiver EO. I am glad I did, because I have reaffirmed my opinion that I DO in fact love vetiver; I just love the deep, dark, earthy and woodsy scent that vetiver should be, not this bug juice.

    30th October, 2012

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