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    Sycomore (new) by Chanel

    Having purchased Sycomore, I am delighted to be reviewing it.

    'A woody fire on the beach' is how this has been described before and it is definitely what drew me to sample it in the first place. I like woody scents, in fact I think now that my nose is more trained, I can safely say that I like vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood. This fragrance has all of the above and without a doubt vetiver is in the heart, in the opening and the base.

    Based on past experiences, vetiver is often blended with citruses and to a lesser extent with other less-common notes such as tobacco. Sycomore goes against both of these trends and blends with other woods and juniper berries. The result is an unbelievably luscious dry-down and a very smoky opening. I am not too keen on the opening but it is still reminiscent of that wood fire on the beach - a picture that reminds me of corn on the cob roasted on coal just by the beach, being enjoyed right after a barbecue. Very nicely done and much more bearable than other smoky scents. A wonderful faint woody scent remains on your clothes even a day after wearing it, which seems to call out to you 'wear me again today!'.

    Finally, I a brief word about the packaging (and I rarely do this): this is just what 'exclusive' should mean. Everything from the elegant box to the magnetic cap on top, to the sleek, straight lines of the bottle and the simplistic labelling make this a unique and refined fragrance to own. Expensive to get hold of (you can only get it in the boutiques), this is easily my favourite Chanel (it's also my only Chanel) and puts to shame all those other cheap attempts at 'doing' a vetiver scent. Simple, refined, perfection!

    12th September, 2012 (Last Edited: 31st October, 2012)

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