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    M/Mink by Byredo


    Pine disinfectant mixed with bitter, metallic bilge water and noxious drain cleaner. There's no fur, hide or musk anywhere in here (it would be a blessing). Come to think of it, anything 'Fecal' would also be a relief. This smells like a concentrated, grotesque version of the bitter, metallic, Byredo house note that runs through all of their perfumes... amplified a million times into a monster.

    Without question this is the most obnoxious, offensive smell I've come across in 20 years of fragrance sampling... and I'm a lover of unusual, daring experiments, bizarre combinations and own several 'challenging' scents.

    A perfumery disaster IMO, completely unwearable, antisocial, incredibly expensive and horrible in the extreme.

    Absolutely ghastly.

    02nd November, 2012

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