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    L'Eau Serge Lutens by Serge Lutens

    I guess I'll have to eat crow on this one. When L'Eau first came out, I smelled those dumb aquatic topnotes on paper at the store and immediately wrote it off. I even had a sample that went untouched for two years. Then, I finally tried it on...

    It kicked off with grassy leafy peppery greens, sort of like Cristale but what you'd get if they made an aquatic version in the 90's by adding that cheesy fake melon and dusting it with pepper. Fairly quickly, the melon faded into that background, leaving room for a dry oregano smell to come in, accompanied by something kind of like really salty clay or hot bricks.

    Somehow, the sum of these parts (mostly salty oregano over an abstract background of sweet but dry mineralic greens verging on clay) actually smelled quite good on me. While I'm comfortable wearing all sorts of food smells, for some reason the strong oregano sillage was a step too far for me - I spent the day worrying that I smelled weird. But I still found L'Eau to be artful and interesting. Sure, it's no Chergui or Arabie, but it does what it does well and without feeling cliched.

    03rd November, 2012

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