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    Interlude Man by Amouage

    I honestly don't know what happened to this scent on me.

    i love a LOT of Amouage fragrances especially the heavier oud, woods, incense and leather based ones such as Epic - probably my favourite fragrance at the moment. Reading the notes for Interlude prior to release in Australia I couldn't wait to get my hands on it but then I applied it sparingly as always and the opening was nice but not amazing and was waiting for the spices and dry wood accords to spring to life but then... SOUR! Not a slight animalic or medicinal note but sour like ramming tamarind paste up my nostrils. This continued for hours without the slightest of evolution.

    Definitely not dry woods or incense or leather or even astringent bergamot. It was soggy wet rotten fruit for hours. My only hope is that the sample vial I was given was off somehow and I'm waiting to see if I can find another retailer that stocks it as it sounds like the exact mix of notes I was hoping for.

    04th November, 2012

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