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    Black Suede by Avon

    Wouldn't really call this a woodsy knockoff of Aramis, Aramis is a more green foresty type fragrance. Here is what I think of this stuff....

    Barbershop/anamalic, that is the best you could desxribe this stuff as. How it plays in a given situation? Well exactly that.

    Up front this stuff is almost interolerable. Smells like poorly blended crap.

    If you get past the opener its an anamalic barbershop fragrnace.

    This stuff is really highly subective. Really. Really. Can't stress that too much.

    Make it past 15 minutes you're fine, its a strong weird barbershop. Do not apply and immediately do something. This is not spritz in the bathroom at the prom stuff.

    My personal advice, a couple of spritzes, wait 20 minutes, you've got a tolerable barbershop. Outside this timeframe its rather like an overly strong clubman or along those lighns. Inside the 20 minutes forget it.

    Outside initial elements it breaks down into a warm barbershop type scent. Outside that overly anamalic, harsh and weird. My advice? Wait 20 minutes after applying and you'll be fine.

    05th November, 2012

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