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    James Bond 007 by James Bond

    Wholly disappointing. Wrapped up in such an appealing bottle, not to mention layers of legend, this is truly a case of all smoke and no fire. (To be honest, a bit of smoke would not go amiss, amongst so many other scents.)
    I'll admit it was the whole package that first drew me in - the Bond label and the studly container seem to promise so much, and I usually have a good appetite for the vetiver+sandalwood foundation. Alas, when that standard package arrives it is too little, too late. From first spritz I knew this was for the eyes only. Despite a doubleshot right to the skin, this comes off as watery as a virgin martini, and I was surprised by the immensely powdery quality. Diamonds may be forever, but this perfume is not; just six hours later, all I'm left with is a rather cloying impression of lavender. Someone give me a license to be ill. Overall, the Doctor says "No" and you're better off living and letting your enthusiasm for this one die.
    Though a big let down as a gentleman's scent, repackaged, I could see Miss Moneypenny taking this home for a quiet evening in. (I leave it to you to decide if that's a praise or an insult.)

    05th November, 2012

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