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    Hamptons by Bond No. 9

    I do get some of Silver Mountain Water here, but the tea notes are way overpronounced. With the citrus, it truly smells like like 1/2 SMW, 1/2 Iced Tea.

    These are not the smooth tea notes that you will find in fragrances like Gucci Pour Homme II, Bulgari Black, Midnight in Paris, and Silver Mountain Water, but rather the kind that is likenable to a bottle of Snapple.

    This a good fragrance, but for the same exact price, just get yourself a bottle of Silver Mountain Water, rather than this cheap knockoff (whether the similarities were intentional or unintentional).

    This is one of the many Bonds that are way overpriced, compared to the quality that you get. This could easily compete with a lot of $50 fragrances out there, but not in the $200+ price range that it is selling for.

    07th September, 2012 (Last Edited: 06th November, 2012)

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