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    Sublime Vanille by Creed

    I'm finally getting the Royal Exclusives line. I sampled Sublime Vanille when it was released and thought it was nice but not bottle worthy. I re-sampled after nearly 2 years and I'm blown away. I had the exact same experience with S&W. These are simple fragrances and have "familiar" vibe to them. SV opens with a beautiful lemon note. Creed lists Lemon as a basenote but it's definely the predominate top note. Its very fresh and an interesting begining to a Vanilla based fragrance. That quickly settles into a boozy vanilla note. The fragrance continues the vanilla theme through the dry down . The base does end up adding a slight musk note. Is it Sublime? Most definitely. Is it the most unique or groundbreaking fragrance? That it's not. But it is a traditional vanilla fragrance with a Creed interpretation that's done "just right." These are fragrances that take more then one wearing to appreciate. But when it's hits you, you will be blown away...

    06th November, 2012

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