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    Kohdo Wood Collection : Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

    Before testing it for the first time nearby the Bangkok airport i expected it was a more compelling, deep, dark and dreadful juice while i stumbled in to something delicately floral, smooth and silky as the oil. Anyway for not more than twenty minutes the juice is a bit fruity, gingery and barely dusty/incensey but in a while it slides towards a sort of silky ambery/floral delicacy. This is an extremely silky/floral delicious amber indeed, with an initial spicy/gingery cool chord soon morphing towards a really delicate final creaminess . The beginning is dusty fresh because of a sparkling ginger and a cardamom/incense/nutmeg spicy accord for a while cloudy and airy. A starring floral presence mastered by an heady lily of the valley starts to take the stage in order to escort the smell towards the final woody and ambery suede that is barely leathery and just a bit shadowy (not a real dark one to me as well as Pomegranate Noir for instance). The juice is smooth, discreet and almost edible with all those culinary and yummy elements. Too much shy to be a real night out winner but pleasant for sure.

    07th November, 2012

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