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    La Perla by La Perla

    Waxy neutral soapiness with floral (mostly rosey) accents, a patchouli backbone, a touch of animalic brew and an ambery/honeyed base. Effectively this is an underrated juice, is really 80's in style and works in the same vein of more notorious concoctions as Diva, Knowing, First, Beautiful, Cabotine by Gres and others. La perla is an extremely soapy, rosey and opaque juice, in my opinion the classic bergamot/rose/patchouli interaction is balanced and almost dark with some sophisticated spicy/floral sparks emerging at distance from the general oriental soapiness. The spiciness is not so compelling as is in Opium or Magie Noir but is anyway noticeable and mostly botanic. This is an averagely dry and balanced laundry/oriental mysterious and a bit "detergent/victorian old style" with its laundriness emerging from an ylang-ylang, aromatic spices, woodsy resins and benzoin link. The (milder) dry down is really waxy and soapy with a dark rose/patchouli dominant combo and some neutral barely emerging woodiness from vetiver and sandalwood. A classic chic fragrance which i fully enter in a really exclusive élite.

    08th November, 2012

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