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    Aventus by Creed

    Ahhh...Aventus. The one it seems everyone is talking about, and even the haters are inadvertently hyping here and in other fragrance communities. I'm a pretty direct person - so I'll save you a trip to the forums...and I'll cover the adventure here;

    Is Aventus as amazing as most people say it is?

    Yes. It is the stuff of legend. If college kids are spending their meal money on it, middle aged fathers (me) are rocking it for 'date night with the wife'...and I'm getting complimented on it by other dudes that would normally not do so - Aventus does indeed live up to the hype.

    Does batch matter?

    It only matters if $300 is a big deal to you. So, I would say so. Other forums consider the BN community 'snobbish' for even discussing such a topic. But the fact is, different batches have different personalities. They all smell great to me - but I can easily see why there is such importance placed on lot numbers. I had a batch that smelled smokier and did not project as well as I would have liked (S42B12001B). I got it from Neimann Marcus, so it was 100% legit. The smell was fine, and for office wear, it was actually perfect. However, I'm not going to waste Aventus in a I returned that batch and picked up S42B12A01 - the only box of 20 that were stocked that did not carry the 01B code. It was sweeter, projects like a beast and lasts forever. So to answer the question - Yes, if you are a 'snob' like I am and are looking for something specific...lot numbers are a good thing to research. If you are a casual wearer or received Aventus as a gift - you could probably care less. They all smell amazing - regardless of the batch. I would recommend buying it from a place that is willing to accept returns.

    Is it worth the price?

    Heck no - no fragrance is worth that kind of money. UNLESS you are a junkie like me, want to stand out from the Perfumania crowd or have enough disposable income to not worry about price. I think it's worth it for me...but would not suggest it to someone who is working a second job over the holiday season or uses a spatula as a primary tool of conducting business.

    How many sprays should I use?

    2-3 is plenty. If you pump any more that that, Aventus goes from amazing to arrogant. Arrogant in this case is not good...any perfume or cologne that is overpowering makes people think you are covering something up...kind of like excessive facial hair (just what are you hiding under that beard sir?)

    Is Aventus a good office scent?

    Why waste it on your co-workers...are they REALLY that special? That's what Cool Water is for.

    Why are there so many threads about Aventus on Basenotes?

    Easy - Some people are angry that they blind bought it and didn't feel they got their money's worth. Some folks want everyone to know that they just dropped some serious coin on a Creed fragrance. Others want to be part of something...and whether it's positive or negative, they want to chime in. Some people pull out every gallon of milk at the grocery store to make sure they are getting the freshest milk from the closest processing plant and especially a jug that has been touched by the fewest possible hands. A few like to start controversy - and Aventus seems to be a major source of it world and I both know that drama seems to be a magnet for a percentage of the human race.

    And finally, there are a selected few of us who just admire Aventus for what it is - a major contribution to the fragrance world. We just sit back and silently give it props by sniffing our wrists until it's gone the next day.

    08th November, 2012

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