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    Furyo by Jacques Bogart

    This review is for Vintage formulation:

    Almost a surreal opening of rich spices (a full cinnamon stick is in this bottle!) and florals with deep, smoky patchouli and very nice civet - that comes together with a warm, glowing base of amber and vetiver in glorious richness! This is a time bomb from 1988! One is engulfed in the Nag Champa incense accord that these amazing notes form. Artemisia in the top along with coriander create a wonderful balance of herbal bitterness and earthiness right before an "incense cone" starts to form and glow on your skin. Rose in the heart along with jasmine and geranium create a nice bouquet that shows itself in plumes...this is rather amazing. The incredible power, as mesmerizing as it is (and well pointed-out by foetidus)...this is a truly radiant skin scent. It projects well on my skin for the first hour or so and after that, it wears close but radiates out a few inches from the skin...creating a true aura effect.

    The ingredients are of exceptional quality. Nag Champa incense is a composition itself that traditionally contains Plumeria flower (in a semi-resin form) and sandalwood. Those accords show here, but are mysteriously not listed as notes...which makes this even more fascinating. I am in full agreement with jenson - this is niche-quality fragrance in Vintage formulation. I cannot compare this scent to any other as it breaks conventional wisdom and turns its back on anything traditional in fragrance. I am in pure admiration. I have only done one full wearing and a couple sample wearings. It is a scent that one must be comfortable and confident to wear - not for the faint of heart. However, since it does not project too loudly, a scent that you could wear (in light application) to a lot of occasions.

    Stunning. I will refrain from giving it a fractional rating but know that one is very lucky to be able to have tried this...for it is pure olfactory art, with no name on the canvas. I am so curious whose brilliant touch & nose was behind this under the Jacques Bogart label.


    09th November, 2012

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